The 10D Perfect Storm 🌪  Model of Subluxation Online Training Course 👩‍💻 

A complete, organized, mind-blowing 🤯 online course teaching the science behind subluxation at a level never seen before, and also how to simply and effectively apply it to your communication, clinical care, and more! 

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Certainty 🔥 

Scripts and sales pitches simply won't cut it with moms. You must have absolute certainty in the science of subluxation.

Communication 🎙 

This program teaches you to understand and communicate subluxation in an advanced, yet wildly simple and effective way. 

Clarity ✨ 

Learn how the one ☝️ thing you do, that no on else on earth 🌎 can... saves more lives than anything else! Chiropractic is enough!

"Tony...I have been studying Chiropractic for over 26 years, teaching, leading and guiding my chiropractic family to high levels of function and health that most people only dream of. What you have put together here in your 10 D program is ABSOLUTELY PRICELESS. Every Chiro needs to fully digest this and make it their daily language and teaching. If we can get Chiros to understand this, there will never be another Chiro struggling to make in practice!!!"

Dr. Jim Claussen 

"The first 9 videos were an amazing review from everything I've ever binge watched and have been taught by you. This last video was simply amazing and I love how we're really deep diving into these topics. I feel like before we could only scratch the surface in all aspects of care, care planning, reading scans, etc. Thank you for always going deeper and evolving to help us communicate with our patients what we do and how to make the world a better place."

Dr. Melonie Schoenherr 

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